Transformations & Healings

Rapid Resolution Therapy


Rapid Resolution Therapy, created by Dr. Jon Connelly, is an innovative, holistic and philosophical approach designed to address and resolve many of the mental and emotional challenges we face, while navigating through our human experience in today’s world. Whether an issue seems small or drastically overwhelming, Rapid Resolution Therapy sessions can offer real life solutions and results that you will feel taking place within you. So, you don’t have to wonder if a shift is taking place for you, because you will know.

Unlike some other therapies, counseling and healing modalities, Rapid Resolution Therapy is a quick, painless and gentle process that does not require you to re-live or re-experience any trauma or negative encounters for you to feel better or get results. You do not have to feel worse before feeling better. Most people say that they “feel great”, “light” and “peaceful” during their session.




With Rapid Resolution Therapy You Can:

  • Release the Negative Effects of Trauma.
  • Heal from Grief and Loss.
  • Resolve the Hurtful Effects of Sexual Trauma and Abuse.
  • Get Unstuck from Limiting Thoughts and Beliefs.
  • Overcome Fears, Phobias and Anxieties.
  • Move Forward After Heartbreak.
  • Increase Your Mind-Body Connection.
  • Improve Overall Quality of Life.
  • Increase the Healing Capability of Your Body.
  • Have Improved Sleep and Rest.
  • Access Your Motivation and Concentration.
  • Enhance Your Confidence and Overall Mojo.
  • Increase Sexual Responsiveness and Desire.
  • Break Free from All Feelings of Stuck-ness.

Because Rapid Resolution Therapy activates areas of your inner mind and addresses areas of stuck-ness from their source, results are typically experienced after 1-3 complete sessions, so your transformational journey is short and to the point. Your session will involve an intentional conversation where we will collaborate to get to the heart of your matter. We will use the power of connection, shared intention of your goal/s, multi layered communication and experiential processes to reach your subconscious mind, while also relaxing your nervous system. So, you feel better effortlessly and immediately while aligning with your desired outcome from the deepest level of your mind and being.

What you can expect during your session:

While Rapid Resolution Therapy does follow a process, your session is designed to your personal needs and intention. Because of this, all sessions are unique, so it is difficult to fully describe what will take place during your specific session. You will participate in a conversation regarding your current concerns and be offered some new ways of thinking and skills that pertain to your particular issue/s. At some point you may be asked to follow some directions, such as focusing your gaze or stating words. You may be guided through specific processes, designed for you in the moment, to relax your nervous system and activate the healing response in your body and mind. When this takes place, it can feel like going into a deep peaceful meditation while you remain fully aware and responsive. This is to access deep areas of your mind where beliefs stem from and where healing takes place. Whether all or some of these processes are utilized within your session, most people say that the experience is “transformative” and “life changing”. It would be my pleasure to facilitate this experience for you.

Rapid Resolution Therapy is designed to be a short-term therapeutic process utilized until the desired results at that time are achieved. Because, your life is for living, not spending time in a therapy office.

My intention is always for you to experience a shift during our session, so please allow yourself up to 4 hours if you are scheduling a complete session, as we will not want to disrupt any transformational process due to time constraints.

“It was as if a dark cloud lifted, and I was able to walk, do some mat pilates, and actually FEEL my mind and body closer to where they were prior to the surgery.” Anonymous (after 1 session)

IMAGO Couples Therapy




IMAGO Relationship Therapy developed by Dr. Harville Hendrix and Helen Hunt, theorizes that we enter into our relationships to resolve subconscious hurts or programming stemming from our original caregivers or childhood. Through the use of intentional communication and specific principles this process provides the support to alleviate anguish and build a strong foundation within your relationship so all participants can get their needs met.



The 5 Principles of IMAGO Relationship Therapy are:

  • Re-imagining your partner as a wounded child.
  • Re-romanticizing your relationship through participating in pleasurable surprises, gift-giving, and expressing appreciation.
  • Restructuring your disappointments and frustrations by changing complaints into requests.
  • Resolving feelings of extreme anger and pain.
  • Re-visioning the relationship as a source of happiness, satisfaction, and safety.

During Relationship Guidance sessions principles of IMAGO Therapy will be used for skill development combined with elements of Rapid Resolution Therapy philosophy. The intention of these sessions is for you to learn effective communication and connection skills, while we collaborate to discover sustainable and realistic solutions so you, your partner/s and your relationship become self-sufficient, independent and satisfied. 


Release & Restore Somatic Body Scan


This Release and Restore Body Scan is a somatic and energetic experience developed by Genevieve during her intense work treating PTSD and military sexual trauma within the Veteran’s community. The word somatic is derived from the Greek word “soma” which translates to “living body” and somatic therapies are holistic approaches to reaching, connecting and causing flow between the mind, body and even spirit. Within the body our central nervous system is our central control center which works hard to beautifully regulate all aspects of our body such as digestion, breathing and heartrate, basically all our essential life sustaining processes. Our central nervous system accomplishes all of these extraordinary events and prepares our body for appropriate actions by sending out signals which lead to our experiences of emotions, sensations, energy and sometimes even thoughts. When our central nervous system is completely healthy and balanced it is in complete regulation and stays within a state of restoration and healing, so we are in optimal emotional and physical health, however this is unfortunately far from where most of our nervous systems are today, as we live in a modern and stressful world. The nervous system can also become particularly unbalanced due to traumatic events or periods of prolonged stress, and this may manifest as feelings of anxiety, fatigue, pain or other discomforts.




The Body Scan is an effortless and soothing way to re-set and strengthen the area of the central nervous system where we become open to receive and absorb healing, repair and renewal at the deepest physical, emotional and spiritual level.
This can be extremely effective for releasing the somatic effects of current or past trauma/s, stressors, grief, terminal illness, pain or any limiting beliefs without having to re-experience details or even recall the event. This is also helpful in bringing energy to areas of the body that may feel blocked or unresponsive, such as what someone may feel after experiencing a sexual or physical trauma. Using combined elements from Biofeedback, Yoga Nidra and Energy Healing you will receive a fully personalized session designed to awaken energy, reduce stress in the body and transform negative emotional experiences. During your session you will be invited to lay down flat and simply relax for 60 minutes while your mind responds to gentle prompts bringing awareness to areas of your body and activating your restorative nervous system and inner mind. You will emerge either relaxed, refreshed or both depending on what your body is most in need of in that moment.


Return to YOU Complete Package

Best Value

An all-inclusive, transformational package, designed to fit your individual whole wellness needs and support optimization of your mind, body and spirit. So, you quickly get back to being the light that is YOU.



Package Includes:

  • 2 sessions of Rapid Resolution Therapy
  • 1 Release & Restore Body Scan
  • 1 Nutritional Consult and your first order of supplements, herbs or essential oil if recommended
  • 2 Guidance and moving forward sessions

For best results weekly sessions will be scheduled consecutively for 6 weeks.

Offered at a Discounted Price of $1500

The world has evolved, so should your mental health options