Guidance & Instruction

Meditation Instruction


Although meditation is an ancient practice dating back to 1500 BC at its earliest recording, it has not been until recently that it has become a popular practice for gaining both physical and emotional benefits. As technology and research on brain activity continues to evolve, more and more evidence and understanding to these many benefits will continue to emerge.




What we know so far is that meditation practice has been linked to:

  • Improved sleep
  • Decreased anxiety
  • Having mental clarity
  • Enhanced focus
  • Improved immune health
  • Faster healing times
  • Relief from trauma
  • Increased energy

This is just to name a few benefits, not to mention the many spiritual benefits if used for that purpose. Having a meditation practice can be a valuable tool in moving you towards your goals and in navigating the ocean of life. The most common barrier to setting up a meditation practice that people state, is that they are not sure they know how to do it or what style will be best for them. Having a personal meditation instruction and receiving personalized live guided meditations can set you off on the track to success while giving you essential guidance and answers to any questions you may have. Genevieve currently offers information and instruction on Mindfulness Meditation, Mantra Meditation, Yoga Nidra, Metta and Vispassana (information only).

Instruction can be scheduled individually or with a group of up to 5 people.

Nutrition Instruction for Mental Health

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” ― Hippocrates

It is difficult to have optimal mental health without physical health and vice versa. The food and nutrients we use to fuel our body and mind, directly effects how we feel emotionally and the amount of the energy that we have available to fully live our lives. While most people have a general understanding of the importance of maintaining good nutrition, they may not know exactly how to practice or do this or may feel confused on which methods would best fit their current needs and goals. Genevieve shares her years of nutrition training and expertise to design a personalized plan to guide you towards your mental and physical nutrition and overall health goals.

During your initial nutrition consult you will meet for one hour to discuss your current nutrition, current health factors and your optimal goals. You will then receive a written plan of action via email. If supplements are needed, all orders can be shipped directly to your home.

Nutrition instruction for mental health can be scheduled as a stand-alone session, or can be incorporated into ongoing individual mental health therapy and guidance sessions.


Relationship & Dating Guidance

Are you ready to Be Light, Feel Free and Have Fun with your dating and relationship life?

We cannot deny that the world around us has gotten even more complicated and with that, also our relationships. More than ever, we are in need of connection, support and companionship to sail and successfully navigate through the unpredictable seas of life. Yet, in recent years it has felt more isolating and challenging to connect.

Genevieve utilizes skills and philosophies of Rapid Resolution Therapy, Couples Therapies and Holistic Methods to address your current challenges and hurdles in your relationship and dating life. If you are actively seeking a partner and dating or beginning to think about entering the dating pool, Genevieve will guide you through creating your ideal relationship vision to save you time and energy when attracting your potential partner/s. Together you will identify any current limiting beliefs, thoughts, behaviors or emotional wounds that are not serving you, and go through processes to release them. So, you then show up fully you, with all of your power, confidence and clarity available to you. Nothing is sexier than that!

Dating and Relationship Guidance can be scheduled as stand-alone sessions, or can be incorporated into ongoing individual mental health therapy and guidance sessions.



Psychedelic Integration & Guidance

Today there is growing curiosity, awareness and optimism towards the promising effects of psychedelic medicines for mental health and healing. There are numerous psychedelic medicine research trials taking place all over the world and a number of countries and some states within the United States are shifting their laws and regulations to include research or use of these medicines for healing purposes. Psychedelics have shown positive results and are being used for varying mental health concerns, spiritual exploration and consciousness expansion. Some medicinal uses of psychedelics include the processing and resolving of trauma/s, war trauma, depression, grief, abuse and heartbreak to name a few. Clinical and evidence based research continues to reveal support of these safe and sacred medicines for the use of personal and collective transformation when they are used intentionally, respectfully and appropriately administered.

The use of psychedelic medicine often powerfully and rapidly expands our consciousness and brings to the surface aspects of our life or being that we were not aware existed or may not fully understand. Because of this, use of psychedelic medicine can sometimes be a dysregulating experience for the central nervous system, mind and spirit, as the perceived scaffolding of our existence begins to soften and reorganize, possibly demanding change in our outer environments. Psychedelic Integration Guidance can gently support you in processing and making sense of your experience and fully releasing exposed traumas, as well as guide you in uncovering and entirely absorbing your new emerged awareness. A full integration also ensures that the healing treasures discovered during your experience are not inadvertently forgotten and continue to be accessible as new resources and power.


Genevieve utilizes her background in Clinical Mental Health, Shamanic Practices and knowledge in Metaphysical Sciences to offer Psychedelic Integration and harm reduction sessions to women who are either contemplating or have used psychedelic medicine in a non- clinical setting. All sessions are non-medicinal and offered free from judgement with the intention of creating an open space for exploration, healing and transformation after previous psychedelic medicine use.

Illegal activities are not being encouraged, nor the use or abuse of psychedelic medicine exploration or substance use. Use of psychedelic medicines even within the confines of the applicable laws are not appropriate or beneficial for everyone. Genevieve conditionally advocates the intentional, sacred and non-habitual legal medicine use for women who are already using or considering using legal medicines on their own and according to their local laws. Genevieve offers information and support to assist women in making informed choices about their medicine use and in integrating experiences, emotions and healing after such a use. However, all clients are solely responsible for the knowledge of laws in their occupying area and for the decisions they make.

Psychedelic Integration Guidance can be scheduled as a stand-alone session, or can be incorporated into ongoing individual mental health therapy and guidance sessions as according to the laws in your occupying area.

“Genevieve helped me two days after a personal psychedelic experience with a partner. She helped me more than re-integrate. She helped me recalibrate and stabilize because I was very anxious after my experience, and had a lot going on with my relationship, and other stressful aspects of my life. She was informative about which herbs, and mental health tools I could use to help me further ground and process. There was no judgment, only compassion and acceptance on her end, which was one of the most healing parts, as I felt a lot of shame going through this. Thanks for making me feel heard, seen, safe, and accepted, Genevieve. ” C.K. (female 36 y/o)