Go from feeling heavy, scattered, tired, anxious, sad, shameful or just generally disheartened to quickly feeling light, free, and understood


  • Liberation from the harmful effects of Sexual Trauma and Abuse
  • Opening and Ignition of your inner power and sexual vitality (Sexual Power Vigor Awakening)
  • Clearing and Dissolution of Guilt and Shame
  • Central Nervous System Balancing and Parasympathetic Activation
  • Healing and Alleviation of Unresolved Grief
  • Holistic and Nutritional Approaches to Emotional Wellbeing
  • Meditation Instruction and Guidance
  • Relationship and Communication Skill Building
  • Psychedelic Medicine Ceremony Preparation and Integration for Healing
Genevieve Gonzales

I serve women who are looking to have more energy, feel alive, feel more grounded in their body and who are ready to gain full access to who they truly are in their pure power potential.

Hello, I am Genevieve

It is truly my passion to facilitate innovative and whole being mental health and emotional wellness solutions that are as unique and individual to you as you are to this world. I do not believe that women need to be empowered, I believe that we are already in full possession of our feminine power, however sometimes this energy gets blocked due to traumatic life events, heartbreak, grief, abuse, stress, societal issues or other factors. These blocks can feel disempowering, so it is through our meetings together that we will breakthrough and dissolve the harmful programming, thoughts or feelings that have been keeping you stuck. So, you go from feeling heavy, scattered, tired, anxious, sad, shameful or just generally disheartened to feeling light free and understood.

For as long as I can remember I have been on a journey to acquire expertise and skill in the healing arts and in resolving emotional pain for people, especially women. This journey began when I first entered the world of healing for animals by becoming a Veterinary Technician as a teenager, which is where I gained extensive knowledge in traditional or western medicine and was later introduced to Holistic Medicine Practices and Nutrition. While working in the Veterinary field, I enrolled in school and began studying to become a therapist. I specialized my study in Human Sexuality and Women’s Studies because I knew there was a need for deep healing, education and research in these areas. I acquired my B.S. in psychology with a minor in Women’s Studies and an MSW from San Diego State University. When I then entered the traditional mental health realm as a medical social worker on a hospital behavioral health unit, I encountered many people who were so deeply and intensely suffering. I realized early on that most people with severe mental suffering, if not all of them had experienced traumatic event/s at some point in their lives, especially sexual trauma, and hence I began my path of discovering how to resolve trauma. However, within the traditional realm of therapies I found methods that seemed to only offer coping strategies from what I understood, but I didn’t want people to have to cope, I wanted them to have a healing, and to really feel better from the deepest level. From this place I began studying nontraditional and holistic healing methods such as nutrition and the use of herbs, energy medicine and Shamanic practices, because I was and still am on a mission to find what works. Also, I have had good results with my own personal healing using these methods. I stand in my belief that I rarely offer a method or a solution that I myself have not done and gotten desirable results with.

After receiving my LCSW, as a licensed psychotherapist, I began working primarily with Veterans and specializing in treating PTSD, Military Sexual Trauma and all Sexual Traumas.. During this time, I began to develop the Release and Restore Body Scan because I was seeing people experience relief from trauma and anxiety, have better sleep and feel better overall without having to talk or re-live anything painful. Then Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT), created by Dr. Jon Connelly entered my orbit and I instantly knew I had truly found something magical, something aligned with my vision and that proved to me that people can experience deep emotional recovery quickly and without having to encounter any additional anguish from the treatment itself. RRT happened to enter my life just as I myself was experiencing severe and complex grief to the point I was afraid I would never be able to come back from it. I was genuinely afraid that I would never feel joy again. However, after one encounter receiving RRT, I was immediately alive, my whole being was energized and my mind clear in such a satisfying way that I had yet to experience with anything else. I instantly became dedicated to learning this process and I continually and regularly participate in trainings, mentorship and strengthening my expertise so I can show up the most effective, skilled and best for you. Currently I am in the process of obtaining my certification in Nutrition and Integrative Medicine for Mental Health so I may offer you even more knowledge and expertise in this area. I am also completing my PhD in Metaphysical Sciences and Transpersonal Counseling to deepen my understanding and skill within these practices. While meeting with you I will incorporate all of these practices and healing arts, so you receive a complete holistic approach that is tailored to your individual needs at this moment in time. I look forward to meeting with you to see how we can, together, improve the quality of your life.